Copper Brass Polishing

We specialise in Copper Brass Polishing

Copper Brass Polishing

At Sherwood Tinning we use unique traditional method for copper Brass polishing. If you’ve never owned a copper cooking pan you may as well stop reading now because you probably won’t get it. But if you do, you will be scrabbling for Nick’s number as you read, for the simple reason that there aren’t many like him left. Indeed, Sherwood Tinning is the only one left that re-tins and polishes copper and brass pot sand pans in the traditional, hand-wipe manner in Dorset. No electro-plating, dipping, or cheapo solutions here. At Sherwood Tinning Nick does it the old-fashioned way, with cleaning, re-shaping with a hammer and anvil, extreme heat and by hand, just as his father aught him. It’s the only way, he’d say.
Copper is used for making beautiful ornaments and jewellery, household items, and attractive decor, and you likely want to keep your items looking ‘the best’. However, exposure to oxygen causes copper to develop a black patina over time and your copper items whether it’s a piece of jewellery or cookware might become stained. At Sherwood tinning we specialise, and we restore the attractive rose gold luster of your favourite copper pieces using traditional methods. With our years of experience and craft your copper and brass items will be polished to get your precious pieces looking new again.

At Sherwood Tinning before the copper and brass items are polished it under goes a vigorous cleaning as below:

  • The item is deep cleaned
  • Reshaped and dents removed as required
  • All necessary repairs are done in a traditional way
  • Placed in a cleaning solution to remove all traces of grease.
  • Polished to finish.

It’s a long way from the over-all’s, acid and water which are the daily elements of life at Sherwood Tinning Factory but what comes out of it is stunning. ‘When you know you’ve made a good polishing and restoration of copper and brass items, it’s a wonderful thing to see the rose gold luster,” says… Nick Stevenson…..

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