Historical Hand Wiped Tinning

We specialise in traditional hand-wiped tinning process.

Historical Hand Wiped Tinning

historical handwiped tinning poole

At Sherwood Tinning we specialise refurbishment of copper cookware. Our key services include Copper vessel retinning and we specialise intraditional hand-wiped tinning process which lines the pan with an efficient and appropriate layer of tin, rendering it usable once more with traditional craftsmanship combined with quality to last.

By applying traditional methods at Sherwood historical handwiped tinning poole the re-tinning of a copper utensils start by stripping out the old lining down to the copper, then ladling in molten tin to coat the interior surfaces.The traditional “hand wiped” method of retinning applies a much thicker layer of tin than “electroplating” methods.

“Copper is an excellent conductor of heat. It distributes it evenly which means the chances of you messing up something or burning it is virtually nil.” But copper must be lined with tin and when that wears out it needs replacing. Nick Stevenson has replaced the tin on some of Britain’s most illustrious pots and pans; the Athenaeum Club, Whites, the Berkeley Hotel, the Carlton Club, Garrick Club and the Belgian Embassy are all customers including the ‘The Savoy Hotel’.

No electro-plating, dipping, or cheapo solutions here. Nick Stevenson does it the old-fashioned way, with cleaning, re-shaping with a hammer and anvil, extreme heat and by hand, just as his father taught him. It’s the only way, he’d say….

 ‘IT DOESN’T look like much on the outside. And, to be perfectly honest, it doesn’t look like much on the inside. But what comes out of Sherwood Tinning is quite literally fit for a Queen… and her husband……’

Since 2003, Sherwood Tinning Limited is a royal warrant holder and proudly carries outthe tinning  service of copper pots and pans for Her Majesty The Queen.

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