Vintage Brass Tray Lacquered to restore it’s original Glory!

Brass Tray Lacquered

At Sherwood Tinning before the beautiful vintage brass tray is lacquered and polished. It under goes a vigorous cleaning process as detailed below :

  • The item is deep cleaned to remove all dirt.
  • Reshaped and dents removed as required.
  • All necessary repairs are done in a traditional way 
  • Placed in a cleaning solution to remove all traces of grease.
  • Polished to a mirror finish.

Vintage Brass Tray Lacquered to restore it’s original Glory!

Tips to determine whether the Brass has been Lacquered

There’s an easy way to ensure the lacquer-related status of your brass as described below:

If you spot tarnish on the brass, it’s probably has not been lacquered. “The best possible chance it hasn’t been because the most important part of lacquer is to prevent tarnishing,”. However, if you find evidence of a thin, shiny coating that is pealing or coming off in places, then the piece has been lacquered and for your finest finishing you can always head towards Sherwood Tinning!

“Sherwood Tinning – Your local Brass Polishing Specialist”

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